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FixXchange enables members to trade goods and services with other members world-wide.

Don't Pay for It. Trade for It!

»Engage New Clients

Most businesses that join FixXchange can anticipate getting 10% to 15% in additional new sales from buyers referred to you through the exchange that will pay you in Barter Dollars for your services, excess inventory or capacity. Then, use your new found revenue from those sales to pay for other purchases instead of using cash. The cash savings goes right to your bottom line profits!

»Conserve Cash

Purchase the products, services, travel and advertising your company needs with Barter Dollars instead of cash.

»Move Excess Inventory and Fill Idle Time

Every business has excess inventory, production, capacity or appointment time. That unscheduled appointment today has zero value tomorrow. When you join FixXchange, we provide you with an avenue to put your excess assets to use in profitable ways. We accomplish this by marketing your product or service to businesses looking to purchase them on trade.

»Collect on Problem Receivables

A business may find it difficult to pay the cash they owe, but would welcome the opportunity to fulfill their obligation with payment in products or services. By using FixXchange, your noncollectable receivable just became revenue that can be spent on things your company needs to be successful.

»Multi-party Trading

Unlike direct trading, FixXchange members enjoy multi-party trading, so that when you provide your service or product, you’re not limited to receiving a reciprocal product or service from the same person or company you traded with.

»Employees Incentives

FixXchange is a low-cost way to offer incentive programs and bonuses to company employees, without spending cash.

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FixXchange Benefits:

  • Increase Sales & Cash Flow
  • Reduce Excess Inventory
  • Fill Idle Time
  • Purchase at Wholesale Cost
  • No Bad Debt Accumulation
  • Improve Collections
  • Employee Incentives