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When are the transaction fees processed?

Transaction statements are emailed on the 1st of each month. Transaction fees are processed between the 1st and 5th of each month.

Can I pay my rent and electric bill with trade dollars?

Probably not. But you can save cash by trading for things that you would normally pay for with cash, and use that money toward your rent and electric bill. Perhaps you can use your trade dollars to design a new website that attracts more cash customers.

What if I need to make a purchase before I have earned enough trade dollars?

Just like a bank or credit card company, we encourage businesses to apply for a FixXchange line of credit. You can qualify by posting products or services for trade. Once you are approved, you can use your credit immediately.

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer pays sales tax, gratuities and shipping in cash. This part of the transaction is your responsibility and is done outside of FixXchange. Always get shipping and sales tax from your buyer up front, before shipping an item.

Why do you ask for my Social Security number or Federal ID #?

The TEFRA Act designates Barter Exchanges as third party record keepers, the same as banks and credit card companies. IRS regulations dictate that barter sales are treated the same as cash sales, as the seller is receiving revenue that can be spent just like cash to purchase products and services. Therefore, barter sales are taxable income that must be reported to the IRS by barter exchanges. By February of each year, FixXchange will send each member a 1099b detailing their barter sales for the previous year. In March of each year year, FixXchange reports all income from barter sales to the IRS, as required by law.

Why do you ask for my credit card, debit card or e-check information?

Monthly and transaction fees are processed automatically each month. On or about the the first of each month, you will be sent a FixXchange Barter statement detailing your purchases, sales and fees. Additionally, if you need a copy of any past statement, they are always available online on your Account page.

What do I do if I have any questions?

We pride ourseilves in exceptional client service. You can email us at, or call us to speak with a trade consultant.