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FixXchange delivers new business from new customers. Guaranteed!

Unlike other barter exchanges that charge a significant amount of cash to join the exchange, the account set-up fee for FixXchange members is waived.

When you join FixXchange, we bring you new business from new customers that will pay you with trade dollars. You then spend the trade dollars just like cash for the products, services, media, travel and personal products and services you want. Each time we do our job, you pay a 6% cash transaction fee.

It's simple... Zero account set-up and initiation fee, $15 cash and $15 trade dollars each month for membership fees, and a 6% transaction fee each time you make a purchase or sale.

FixXchange Success Guarantee

If FixXchange doesn't provide new barter sales to your company within 6 months from the date you added your trade offer listing to the marketplace, FixXchange will apply a 6 month membership fee credit ($90 cash and $90 barter dollars) to your account.

Why Use FixXchange?

FixXchange is the ideal solution for those interested in increased sales or those who would like to reduce cash requirements to run and manage their business. It is free to list your business or service in the online marketplace and member directory to gain exposure to companies needing your services locally, or across the country.

Join FixXchange
Account Setup Waived
Monthly Account $15.00 Barter Dollars + $15.00 Cash
Transaction Fees 6% Cash on sales
6% Cash on purchases
Credit Line Interest 1% Trade per month on negative trade balances
1% Cash per month on past due cash fees


FixXchange members may email a notice to cancel their member account at any time. If canceled by a member, cancellation will be effective 30 days after the receipt of cancellation notice in writing.

Accounts 60 days past due may be closed by FixXchange, at which time any fees, plus trade dollars owned becomes immediately due and payable in cash. FixXchange reserves the right to cancel membership without notice and to terminate members trading privileges for violation of any provisions of the trade agreement, or trading policies.

All cash monthly and transaction fees due, plus any barter dollars owned become immediately due and payable in cash. The monthly fee is considered earned on the first day of each month. Therefore any member account closed after the first of each month will not be entitled to a refund of the monthly fee for the month of cancellation.